If asked to identify typical Vietnamese dishes, most Vietnamese people would put “PHO” near the top of the list.  Comprised of a mound of thick, noodles in clear broth.

“PHO” can be eaten at any time during the day.  “PHO” can be ordered with different toppings in accordance with the number(s) listed on the menu.  “PHO” is served alongside with a plate of garnishing which for “PHO” fans who want to customize their own “PHO”.  Typically includeds a wedge of lime or lemon, bean sprouts, basil and slice of fresh jalapeno.

“PHO has been praised as nutrient enriched noodle soup.  A bowl of “PHO” provides your body with necessary protein and vitamins.  Also, while being delicious and tasty to the last drop.  “PHO” is considered as a low fat, light and healthy food.

We wish you enjoy it today!